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  • 1.What is a SecretSave?

    SecretSave is a community website, that helps you find secret discounts for your favorite retailers and brands that are not publicly available. These are discounts that are not promoted or displayed openly by the retailers on-site such as secret coupon/promo codes, private offers, secret sales, leaked promos, early access promos, concealed & hidden discounts, VIP discounts, targeted discounts etc. These discounts are usually run offsite or away from the retailer's website, thus hidden from the public. Secret Save can help you save extra on top of prices of products you see at the stores, using the power of community.

    2.Why was SecretSave started when there are so many deals and coupon websites around ?

    Haven't you ever searched google for online coupon codes in the hope of finding a working coupon but found none? Secret Save was born out of this frustration of the rise of fraudulent websites claiming they have a coupon - all they have are either fake coupons with bloated discounts, deliberately spoofed or some other general discount or deal masked as a coupon code. Sometimes these are discounts you already know too. Here at SecretSave you will only find real secret coupons and discounts, that you've most likely not seen before - so we can be your best bet :). You can also find exclusive discounts at SecretSave that you can't find elsewhere. Our vision is to be the go to place for Australians to find truly secret coupons and hidden discounts for their favorite retailers and brands. Isn't it a good feeling when you grab a discount that not many know of 🙂

    3. How do I submit a discount on SecretSave?

    The first thing you have to make sure is it is a 'secret discount' i.e a discount that is not openly promoted or displayed at the retailers' websites.

    If the discount is found on a retailer's website, but cannot be easily located by visitors or hidden, you may still add it.

    4. I'm a merchant. Can I post merchant an offer on SecretSave ?

    Yes. Just make sure the discount can be classified as a secret discount, i.e not promoted/exposed openly on your website. You can also submit an exclusive discount that is meant only for SecretSave community. Also remember to post your best offers, as members can rate your offers. You would want to accrue good rating and your reputation score for your store increases with better rating.

    5. I found a discount that is not a secret discount

    Please let us know, we will remove it immediately. We only want to list secret discounts. Sometimes a secret discount could have been first listed here, and later found it's way on a retailer's website.

    6. We are a merchant, and we want to remove an offer on SecretSave

    Our community may have posted discounts that are meant to remain completely exclusive to some other audience. Please let us know, we will remove it on request. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, remember listing a discount here, gives you free branding and marketing, new user acquisition and also additional sales which otherwise would have costed you marketing dollars.

    8. Get free eBay gift cards

    You can get $50 eBay gift cards as many you want. Each eligible post/reply will give you 2 reputation points and every upvote gives 1 reputation point. Remember every downvote gets -1 too. Start accumulating points .All your current reputation points can be accessed from your profile page. You can also invite your friends to vote for your posts. Each person can vote only once per post. You can reply to posts but remember we reserve the right to downvote the reply if it is abused too much. Remember, we don't allow multiple fake email address accounts from the same person, we record your ip, so we reserve the right to ban your account if we find it you are cheating. We will announce winners on our Winners page as it happens.

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